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a wise and trusted counselor or teacher.


Source: American Heritage Dictionary


From the Desk of Dr. Jeanette Cates

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Yes, you're an entrepreneur. You have multiple idea, multiple ambitions, and "Potential" oozing out your pores. You're a real live entrepreneur.

But being an entrepreneur doesn't mean you have a profitable business. Quite the contrary! Many entrepreneurs and those striving to be one, have so many options, they don't know where to start.

And the Internet doesn't help!

Sure, it's quick and easy to start a business online. But that's the problem. For an entrepreneur, full of ideas, it's just too easy to get distracted and jump from one idea to the next. And that means nothing gets done and no profits are made. And you're still a creative person, full of even more ideas - and still nothing to show for it!

Now you've already tried the self-education merry-go-round. In fact, you've spent a fortune on it! 

  • You've gone to the seminars - where you got even more great ideas and met other people full of ideas you could collaborate on!

  • You've invested in the home study courses, some of which are still in their boxes.

  • You've read the ebooks and listened to the audios - and now you're more confused than ever with the multitude of ideas that are possible.

  • You've listened to the free teleseminars and made notes - and those generated even more ideas!

  • You subscribe to newsletters from 15 different "experts" and spend time every day trying to sort out truth from hype.

But you still are not making the money you deserve online!

Let's stop this run-around today!

As a member of Online Success Mentor, you will:

  • Zero in on exactly the marketplace who needs and will buy your product or service

  • Set up money-making websites quickly - and regularly.

  • Understand the online sales process - and how to leverage it for YOUR Online Success.

  • Build traffic to your sites through marketing activities that come naturally to you.

Wow! It sounds perfect for me. I want to get started today!

  • Sort through the multitude of ideas, tactics, resources you already have - so you can truly appreciate your past investments.

  • Brainstorm on ways to implement your ideas - and get some of those off the "to-do" list and into the "profit-making" column.

  • Take consistent action using the Action courses, as you build good habits and increase your profits.

  • Have access to a vast video library of 10-minute tutorials, taking the pain out of the technology that has stumped you in the past.

So Who Is Jeanette Cates and

Why Should I Trust Her As A Mentor?

I'm an Internet Strategist who works with entrepreneurs and online business owners like you to create your Online Success. Why am I qualified to mentor you in Online Success?

  • Masters' in Adult Education with 30 years teaching experience. My reputation as The Technology Tamer has been earned by being able to easily explain the complexities of technology - making it easier for you to move forward.

  • PhD in instructional design and years of work in creating good instructional materials. That really shows up in the effectiveness of the materials you'll use in the site.

  • Created more than 50 information products including home study courses, special reports,webinar-based products, audios, ebooks and print books with thousands of dollars in sales. You'll benefit not only from my knowledge of the details, but also from the components from multiple products that I include in the Mentor site.

  • Hand-picked to teach the weekly Internet Marketing Basics course for the Enlightened Millionaire Institute (created by Robert Allen and Mark Victor Hansen), using both teleseminars and multiple webinar technologies. You'll see that experience in the twice-monthly webinars we have in the Mentor site.

  • Well-respected in the Internet Marketing industry. I've shared the platform with Armand Morin, Robert Allen, Alex Mandossian, Jim Edwards, Tom Antion, Mike Stewart, Stu McLaren, Lynn Pierce, Matt Bacek, Paul Colligan, Debbie Bermont, Fred Gleeck, Lisa Suttora and even more!

In short, I'm an expert on internet marketing - and helping others achieve their Online Success. 

Listen To What Just Some of My Clients

and Students Have To Say:


"Cured my Information Overload"

"Being a newbie to internet marketing, I suffered from "information overload" and felt stuck in getting started with my first project. I am so grateful to have found Jeanette. After just one phone call, I now have all the right tools and a simple step-by-step plan to finally get moving. With her guidance and encouragement, I feel confident that I will soon be up and running and making lots of money!"

Special Update: Val now has 5 different sites - one of which is sending her checks for $5,000 per month - after affiliate fees! She is thrilled!!


Valerie Dawson, MSW
Certified Hypnotherapist


"Took care of the details"

The decisions you're helping me with have an enormous impact on our online business, and I value and appreciate your experience ... many times I get tangled up in the little details and miss the bigger picture. Today's call helped me "pin my ears on straight again.


Mike Hayes


"Helped me focus on one project to
Get Results"

Jeanette, as always, you managed to demystify the complex! The main thing I got was reinforcement of the idea of mastering one business model before moving on to the next. Since I already have several streams going, I have changed my schedule so that I work only on one for the next two or three weeks. That way I can at least move through my "to do" list for that project before moving on to the next. Thanks again for your invaluable help --- and your friendly, helpful manner!


Helen Wilkie, Toronto, Canada


"Outlined components for success"

Once again Dr. Cates has gone above and beyond the call of duty! Even though I've had my online "business" for a year and a half, she pinpointed the things I was doing that were not going to make me successful. AND THEN she outlined the components to success and then explained each and every one of them. I feel more confident in how I will change my approach and focus. For me, every one of her products seems to be like a beacon lighting up the way for a blind person.


I have been stumbling and trying this and trying that and not getting anywhere. Now I feel I can make progress especially since she's created a course that will help me. Thank you (again) Dr. Cates!

Terrie Wurzbacher


"Specific answers to MY questions"

I was struggling, trying to determine what to do. You made everything easier, and took a great weight off my shoulders. I would still be struggling without your help. Your specific answers to my questions were most helpful, and your suggestions nothing short of brilliant. Thank you, Jeanette!


Virginia Avery
Avery Presentations


"Just two tips took me to the next level"

I started implementing just two of the tips from this program and it has almost instantly literally catepulted my business to the next level! I am booked solid and well on my way to a six-figure income, faster than I ever dreamed possible.



Gabrielle Fontaine


"One strategy blew me away!"

I know Jeanette's work is always excellent, but I was shocked when she blew me away with her FAQ strategy. You see, I consider myself fairly teleseminar savvy. But when Jeanette outlined step by step how to build a relevant FAQ section, and then told exactly how to use it to maximize traffic, I was truly awed. Trust me... this one tip alone is worth its weigh in gold! And that's just one of many nuggets that Jeanette provides.


Leah B. Carson, M.A.
Catalyst Copy, LLC


"Answered specific questions"

Well, you've done it again... delivered more content in one hour than I could write down. Thanks for recording the seminar; I'll be listening to it again and again to absorb it all! I especially appreciate the fact that you actually answered specific questions from your callers - you didn't gloss over anything in a veiled attempt to make us "buy the book to get the answer." Thanks to both you and Barbara for being true professionals.


Roberta Peters


"Easy to understand information!"

With Jeanette, Internet Marketing is possible for anyone, even me! As a newbie to internet marketing I found the information easy to understand as if being led through the vast maze of making money online by a real expert. Jeanette's years of teaching and business success made it a breeze. I am elated by the possibilities.
Maria Bernett


"Took confusion away - narrowed my focus"

I have been doing research for over a year as to what I need to do to start an online business. I have a hard drive full of information but none that provides a basic roadmap. Most of the information just adds to the confusion. This has helped to take that confusion away and narrow my focus onto the basic things that I need to be thinking about to get started. The action plans are a great help (i.e. "push") in getting started and moving forward.
Terrance Miller


"Feel like I can do it now!"

Jeanette teaches in such an easy to understand way. I have learned some of this over the years, but never applied it. Now I'm really feeling I can do it!
Nancy Brown


"Clear, straight-forward instruction
lays the Foundation"

It's extremely helpful to have Jeanette walk you through each step. She doesn't assume you know anything and it's a very non-threatening learning environment for a newbie...or those of us who have been around Internet marketing for awhile, but are still technically-challenged! Her clear, straightforward instruction is exactly what you need to lay a great foundation in your online business.
Christine Schaap


"User-friendly, step-by-step materials"

It always amazes me, Jeanette, how you can take complex information and make it understandable. Your training material is user-friendly and gives great step by step directions. In developing my business I'm glad to know you're always leading the way and smoothing out the complex edges on the techno-learning curves!
Shawn Moore


Announcing Online Success Mentor…

Here are the tools you'll work with inside the Online Success Mentor site:

Monthly Webinar on the Topic of the Month. Each month we'll focus on a topic that is critical to your online success. Not only will the webinar focus on the topic, but related tutorials and reports will focus on it as well.

Monthly Brainstorming Webinar. This members-only event provides an open forum for you to ask your questions and see the answers. From your target market to competive analysis to a specific technical question - the floor is yours. We'll show and tell the answers on the spot.

Answers To Your Personal Questions - Not only can you get your personal questions answered during the monthly brainstorming webinar, but you'll also be able to ask questions via a private email address. And generally you'll have an answer within 24 to 48 hours!

Video Learning On Demand - Sometimes it's better to see an answer than to read the answer. That's why we'll create videos for you as requested, then add them to the Video Library.

Action Courses - Need a traffic boost? Want to improve your sales process? Need more sales from your affiliates? Each course is delivered to you daily with a single action step. Follow the directions to get into the habit of Taking Action. Plus, you'll see the results of the Action in your business!

Behind The Scenes - Insights on marketing strategies, based on current campaigns from marketers you recognize. We can definitely learn and model what other successful marketers are doing. And you'll see how to adapt their strategies to your business.

Online Business Assessments - Take stock of where you are and where you're going with this series of proprietary assessments. It even includes an assessment of your current resources (ebooks, videos, home study courses you've bought) so you can leverage those into faster Online Success.

Video Library - from Traffic Basics to how to set up your blog, you'll find practical, ready to use video tutorials that walk you through the steps to Online Success. And as more videos are created - and more topics covered - the video library will continue to grow your profits. Since most of these tutorials are short (10-15 minutes) you'll be able to get in, get the information, and get back to work.

Software Tutorials - with the title of The Technology Tamer, of course I'll show you how to use your software more effectively and efficiently. Better use of software means more time for the other things you treasure in life.

We haven't overlooked any of the details that might have stopped you before. 
I'm sure you recognize the value of having all of the information you need at your fingertips. It will save you hours of research - and lots of mistakes.

And most importantly - remember that we are constantly adding content to the members' area - based on your input.

Valuable Content Versus Action

There are so many "great" sites, full of information about how to create a business online. In fact, they are so full of information, you don't know where to start! As a result, you don't. And there you are - caught in neutral again, still not profiting online.

It's a fine line. We want to provide you with the tools you need in our easy-to-consume, step-by-step format - so it leaves no doubt as to what you should do next.

Yet we don't want to overwhelm you with so much content you don't have time to work on your business.

That's why we've designed the member site so that content rotates off the site after a specified period. (We'll send you notices of what's being retired in time for you to pick it up.) And each week new content is added, so you are receiving new information, but in small consumable chunks. Over time you'll find you learn more and retain more through this process.

And naturally all of the "core information" remains on the site for your reference all the time - so it's a ready reference for you!

Do You Qualify For Membership?

Online Success Mentor is a site for online business owners who are ready to Take Action to grow their business. That means you are not a person who sits around, waiting for someone else to tell you what to do. You go out and grab success. You embrace your potential and grow into it rapidly.

At the same time you recognize the value of leveraging other people's skills and knowledge. You know it saves you time and money - and shortcuts your learning curve. And naturally, you are not afraid to follow directions from someone who has already blazed the trail. If this is you, keep reading...

In order to fully participate and enjoy the benefits of membership in the Mentor program you need just three things:

1. A reliable email service which you check daily.
2. The ability to watch the webinars online while listening on the telephone.
3. Willingness to take action.

Yes, Jeanette, I'm ready to Take Action!

We've also found that you'll get the most from Online Success Mentor when you

  • Have been studying Internet marketing for over a month.

  • Probably have at least one or two websites.

  • Are not making as much money online as you would like.

  • Sometimes feel overwhelmed by the piles of information you already have about Internet marketing.

You're talking about ME! Sign me up!

  • Find yourself wanting a clear path to follow.

  • Want to know how to use and integrate the tools you already have.

  • Need answers to your questions - personally.

  • Want someone to keep you on task.

What Other Coaching and Mentoring Programs Offer

Like you, I've looked at several mentoring and coaching programs. Here's what I've found:

For $97 a month you get 1-2 webinars per month. Plus a forum where you can get your questions answered (maybe) by other members. No direct contact with the expert.

At another site, $97 per month will buy you a one-hour listen-only call, a twice a week email and email answers to your questions. No videos, no action courses, no webinars.

For $497 per month you can get access to the expert via phone, plus a monthly learning call and twice weekly emails. No videos, no brainstorming with other members.

For $500 per month another site offers a ton of software and insights from the expert, plus a forum where members answer each others' questions. No direct contact with the expert.

For $997 you get video tutorials on demand, plus direct contact with the expert via email and phone.

Contrast these with Online Success Mentor...

For $97 per month you get two webinars, several bonus products, a video library, software tutorials, videos on demand, action courses, business assessments - and personal email access to the expert!

Why Am I Under-Pricing This Mentoring Program?

Looking at the other coaching and mentoring programs, it would seem that I should be charging at least $500 per month for this program - if not, $1000! Frankly, some of my fellow Internet marketers have told me I'm charging too little. They are concerned that I'm giving away the farm!

Yes, I could easily charge $497 or $997 per month. And I'd get it from those who could afford it! But my joy, my "calling" comes from working with those who can't yet afford those prices. People who believe they can do it and are willing to take the Action necessary to do it! Those who are willing to invest $97 per month in their own success!

Sign Me Up!

Why $97 per month? There are two reasons for this price. First, it's significant enough that tire-kickers and freebie-seekers won't dare join. This site is for serious online business owners who are ready for ACTION!

Second, the fee is significant enough that you will take it seriously. In fact, ideally you should be earning more than enough to pay the fee within the first month or two. But of course that depends on your ACTION.

Yes, I'm ready to start the program!


Naturally, Online Success Mentor is backed by our no-questions asked cancellation guarantee. If at any time you do not feel like Online Success Mentor is helping you move forward with your business, just let us know. We'll cancel your subscription immediately.

The only long-term commitment you make is to your own success!

Jeanette S Cates, PhD
Founder & CEO, TechTamers


There is no long-term commitment - other than to your own success!


Don't Wait!

Unlike other member sites that add content and leave it there so that it's not in your best interest to be one of the "first" members, Online Success Mentor provides new webinars, new brainstorming sessions, new action courses, new bonuses, and new bonus reports every month, taking the prior month's content off the site. 

That protects your investment - so you never feel like you financed someone else's site one month at a time, with later members joining and reaping the content you financed.

And because we do rotate information off the site every week, you need to take action TODAY to sign up and get the information before it disappears from the site. You'll be able to start today to move forward in creating your Online Success!

Membership is Temporarily Closed

We invite you to visit Our Coaching Site


Here's to Your Online Success

Jeanette S Cates, PhD
Online Success Mentor

P.S. If you want it "done for you," this is not the right choice for you. We offer consulting services for that. But if you are ready to learn to manage your online business, then sign up today.

P.P.S. We are currently limiting enrollment to just 100 members to ensure that you get the personal attention you expect. After that you'll be put on a waiting list until we have openings. Reserve Your Place Today.



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